Spirulina Toner lrg

Spirulina Toner

A gentle, effective toner for all skin types to help refresh, nourish and re-balance the skin.

skin types: All skin types.

use: After cleansing, gently apply with cotton..

results: Tones, adjusts pH, removes dead skin cells, prepares skin for better product absorption..

active ingredients: Kombucha, grape stem cells, algae extract, glycerin, spirulina, green tea, white tea, aloe vera, maritime pine bark extract, horsetail, red algae.

size: 120 ml

Deglazing Toner lrg

Deglazing Toner

An active, soothing, anti-bacterial toner.

skin types: Oily/problem/adult problem skin and breakouts.

use: Morning and night.

results: Rapidly improves oily/problem skin.

active ingredients: Camphor, eucalyptus, citric acid, clove, peppermint and more.

application tips: Use after deglazing cleanser. Wipe over face gently with cotton. Avoid direct contact with eyes.

size: 240 ml

Lavender Toner lrg

Lavender Toner

A gentle toner for all skin types, but especially suited for sensitive skin.

skin types: All skin types. Especially great for sensitive skin.

use: After cleansing, gently apply with cotton.

results: Tones, adjusts pH, calms, soothes.

active ingredients: Chamomile, azulene, balm mint, cornflower, lavender, magnolia, witch hazel, green tea.

size: 240 ml

Peach Toner lrg

Peach Toner

An effective, active toner which leaves skin toned and refreshed.

skin type: All skin types.

use: After cleansing.

results: Tones, soothes, refreshes.

active ingredients: Vitamin C, witch hazel, peach extract, mimosa extract, chamomile.

size: 240 ml

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