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facSpectral Skin Analysis System

At the core of Precision Laser’s success is the Spectral Skin Analysis System. The system’s technology is used at the onset of your visit to identify problem areas with accuracy. The system uses three light spectrums to perform a visual audit of your skin. Additionally, each client is paired with a specialist to review the visual audit and explore treatment options. After each visit the system is further leveraged for ongoing analysis to assess the efficacy of the prescribed treatment and to ensure the attainment of our clients’ goals. The Spectral Skin Analysis System enables us to prescribe services tailored to our clients’ needs while offering complete transparency into the results of each treatment. The progress of each treatment is recorded and our clients remain informed at each stage of the process.

Carbon Laser Technology – Exclusive to our Clinic!

Precision Laser is the only clinic in Ottawa equipped to perform carbon laser treatments. This breakthrough, anti-aging technology delivers powerful results without the traditional harsh side effects of more antiquated technologies. In fact, there is no recovery time; only noticeably younger and healthier skin. How does it work? The cumulative effects of sun damage and pollution in concert with the natural aging process diminish collagen production. Its degradation, in turn, leads to wrinkles. Carbon laser treatments accelerate the body’s natural collagen production enabling the system to effectively address large pores, pigmentation issues, tissue damage as well as skin elasticity, tone, and texture.

IPL Laser Skin Care Technology

IPL technology is widely acclaimed as an effective treatment for broken capillaries, pigmented lesions, aging and sun damaged skin. When used to treat skin, it helps to initiate a natural healing process that stimulates collagen production, decreases pore size, and improves the overall appearance and texture of your skin.

Diode and IPL Laser Hair Removal Equipment

Precision Laser offers its clients the freedom of informed choice. We are equipped with both Diode and IPL Laser equipment. Diode laser technology painlessly targets the blood supply at the base of the hair follicle and is both effective and safe for individuals of all skin tones. The IPL laser, on the other hand, is better suited to individuals with lighter skin tones because it employs shorter wavelengths that target melanin pigment.

1064 Q-switch ND: YAG Laser

Precision Laser uses the 1064 Q-switch ND: YAG laser to perform tattoo removals.  This highly effective technology penetrates the skin deeper than other laser tattoo removal systems – optimizing at 64 millimeters to burst the ink containing pigment.  The settings can be adjusted to each patient’s comfort level and a treatment course established around those parameters.

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