Tattoo Removal

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Call our office to schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation. Since the color, depth, and chemical composition of a tattoo directly impacts the way a tattoo will respond to laser light, we offer complimentary consultations. During the consultation, a recommendation will be made with regards to the number of treatments required. This recommendation will take into account the unique characteristics of the patient’s tattoo as well as the patient’s goals and comfort level. Typically several treatments are required; at Precision Laser we offer the option between the purchase of individual treatments or discounted packages of four or more treatments. Tattoo removal is priced according to size.

Tattoo Removal Sessions starting from $150.00
Tattoo Removal Packages starting from $450.00

Approximately 65 percent of people who get tattoos later regret them and, until recently, most had no recourse. Today, invasive surgical procedures have been replaced by more effective and non-invasive laser treatments. Using innovative and cutting edge technology, Precision Laser can completely remove your tattoo or simply fade the tattoo for a more perfect cover-up. Contact us today!

At Precision Laser we use the 1064 Q-switch ND: YAG laser to perform tattoo removals.  This technology penetrates the skin deeper than other laser tattoo removal systems – optimizing at 64 millimeters to burst the ink containing pigment.  The settings can be adjusted to each patient’s comfort level and a treatment course established around those parameters.  Nonetheless, following each treatment immediate results are visible.


What does a tattoo removal session involve?

Before beginning a tattoo removal treatment course at Precision Laser, we request that a preliminary, no-obligation consultation be performed.  The consultation is prerequisite to any treatment because it helps to establish realistic expectations.  Each tattoo is unique in size and color; these and other factors having a direct bearing on the number of sessions required to obtain each client’s desired results.  At Precision Laser, we believe each client should make informed decisions.

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