Refining Facial Program Treatment

Recommended Schedule Refining Facial Program (Oily, Congested Skin)Treatment Description
Week 1 The Cleansing Facial washes deep down into the skin and helps to eliminate pore-clogging oil and fight blemish-causing bacteria.
Week 2 The Carbon Spectra Peel Treatment can immediately follow the Cleansing Facial. For best results, they should be scheduled no less than one week apart. The Carbon Spectra Peel Treatment uses a carbon lotion which binds with the sebum, dust particles, and everyday pollutants. Laser energy is then used to vaporize the carbon.
Week 3 The Photo Rejuvenation Laser Facial Treatment should be scheduled 7 days following the Carbon Spectra Peel Treatment to enhance results.
Week 4 The Micro-Scrub Focused Extraction Facial uses a deglazing cleanser and toner followed by the Micro-scrub, Deglazing Mask to address stubborn acne and gently exfoliate. A pre-extraction mask with steamer is leveraged to effectively bring impurities to the skin’s surface for easy and gentle removal.
Week 5 A second Cleansing Facial is used as an intermediary treatment to remove any residual impurities and congestion in the skin.
Week 6 A second Carbon Spectra Peel Treatment is exercised to increase the efficacy of the treatment’s objectives.
Week 7 Treatment cycle begins again at week one and continues for 2-3 cycles depending on the severity of the acne being treated.

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