Aqua Facial Program Treatment

Recommended Schedule Aqua Facial Program (Dry, Rough Skin & Dull Complexions)Treatment Description
Week 1 The Hydrating Facial implements a gentle enzymatic exfoliant to address the lack of lipids causing dehydration. The exfoliant is followed by a deeply hydrating and penetrating mask to balance the skin’s requirements for oil and water.
Week 2 The Carbon Spectra Peel Treatment provides instant visual results in terms of skin texture and brightness.
Week 2 The Photo Rejuvenation Facial Treatment is used to soften the skin and brighten its complexion. For best results, they should be scheduled no less than one week apart.
Week 4 The Enbrightenment Facial uses Vitamin C enriched products to even the skin’s tone and increase luminosity.
Week 5 Treatment cycle begins again at week one and continues for 2-3 cycles depending on the severity of the acne being treated.

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