High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a very specific method of facial rejuvenation, which uses intense heat to target collagen and elastin, deep within the foundations of our skin. The method offers roughly 20-30% visible improvement of the skin’s volume and elasticity. Though the treatment is often compared to a surgical facelift, it is non-invasive, thus should be treated more-so as a “prelude” to surgical alternatives. HI-FU is a game-changer relative to it’s technical competitors, IR & RF. Though a consultation with a professional is imperative to the success of the treatment, nearly everyone aged 35+ is a good candidate. This article is a guideline for Medical Esthetic Clinics seeking reliable additions to their anti-aging services, and people searching for fast & effective facial rejuvenation.

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The image above (1) illustrates how Hi-FU ( Ultherapy) surpasses the dermis, and penetrates the adipose (fatty tissue) & elastin layer. Through the safe use of concentrated heat, Ultherapy expands the collagen layer, and provides a cushion-like support for “elastin” pillars.

The Difference Between Collagen and Elastin:


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Imagine a spring mattress. The structure of collagen & elastin layer works almost the same way. Elastin acts as “springs” which provide structural support to surrounding layers. Collagen, acts as the “foam”, giving the skin volume and suppleness. Just as a mattress wears over time, so does the skin. The coils lose balance and durability, and the foam loses texture & volume.

The convenient benefit of the anatomical structure of our skin, is collagen sinks through the elastin fibers, giving it a “basket-weave” like appearance. Through the heat-stimulated expansion of the collagen layer, Hi-fu triggers an elastin-tightening response; practically training the elastin pillars to sustain more volume over a longer period of time.


a.) Source: Precision Laser Ottawa [Precisionlaserspa.com] Consent has been given to distribute these photographs. This photograph is exclusive to Precision Laser, and should not be distributed without authorization.

Illustrations. Above: Male R-side temporal rhytides, and orbital sagging. Before Ultherapy ( HI-FU) Below: Male R-side immediately following 1 treatment of Ultherapy (HI-FU). Photos were taken same day, approximately 25 minutes apart at Precision Laser Ottawa.


Why is Ultherapy NOT an alternative to Facial Surgery?

Hi-Fu is the industry’s top performing non-invasive skin tightening treatment. The technology is certainly blazing a power trail to the future of non-surgical anti-aging equipment. With that said, there are still far too many free-radical implications during the procedure, giving Hi-Fu it’s limitations. Ultherapy works within the confines of the skin, at the medical esthetic level. Surgical procedures lend the option of working beneath the skin, at the muscular-skeletal levels for long-term results. Ultherapy should also not be considered an alternative to fillers or Botox.

It’s important to consult with a trained professional, and consider all your options. Hi-Fu is a fast and efficient prelude to surgical procedures. The downtime is limited to 3-7 days post-treatment, depending on each individual client.

I am accepting new clients on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Wait lists could exceed 3 to 6 weeks. Call 613-695-8818 for more information, and to book a free consultation.

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