Kombucha Cleanser lrg


Kombucha Cleanser

A gentle, effective, deep cleanser for all skin types that helps remove environmental pollutants, excess oil and make-up without drying the skin.

Skin type: All skin types.

Use: Apply a small amount on wet skin. Lather, add water, then rinse or remove thoroughly. If desired, follow with emerginC scientific organics spirulina toner.

Results: Thoroughly cleanses and removes make-up, excess oil and environmental pollutants without drying the skin.

Active ingredients: Kombucha, grape stem cells, algae extract, glycerin, brightening complex with xylose and galactose from palmaria palmata, spirulina, green tea, white tea, aloe vera, maritime pine bark extract.

Size: 120 ml

Multi Fruit Cleanser lrg

Multi-Fruit Cleanser

A gentle but effective soap-free cleanser which helps remove dead skin cells, cellular debris and make-up without over-drying the skin.

Skin type: All skin types.

Use: Morning and night.

Results: Removes make-up, impurities, dead skin cells, without over-drying.

Active ingredients: Vitamin C, natural fruit acids, maritime pine bark extract.

Application tips: Apply on dry skin, massage in, then add water before rinsing off. Follow with emerginC toner.

Size: 240 ml

Aromatic Cream Tea Cleanser lrg

Aromatic Cream Tea Cleanser

A gentle, aromatic creamy cleanser.

Skin types: All skin types. Excellent for sensitive skin.

Use: Apply on dry skin, gently massage in, then rinse thoroughly.

Results: Gently cleanses skin.

Active ingredients: Matricaria, green tea, red tea, white tea, rosa centifola.

Size: 240 ml

Deglazing Cleanser lrg

Deglazing Cleanser

A highly-effective, soap-free, anti-bacterial cleanser that helps remove excess oil and improve complexion problems and breakouts associated with oily/problem skin, without over-stripping or drying.

Skin types: Oily/problem/adult problem skin.

Use: Morning and night.

Results: Rapidly improves oily/problem skin.

Active ingredients: Balsam peru, usnic acid.

Application tips: Follow with deglazing toner. Avoid direct contact with eyes.

Size: 240 ml

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